The JDM Performing Company


A group of people who share the same interests and are all working together to achieve the same goals.

Our Goal and Purpose

The main objective of the JDM “Company” is to give dancers who want to take dance to the next level adequate technical training and opportunities to perform their art. The Company will also serve as a guide for older dancers on their path to a professional career or college. We will achieve these goals by requiring that each student train in a wide range of technical dance classes, participate in many different performance venues, attend professional dance performances in the DFW area and maintain a sincere love and passion for dance in all of its forms.

What is Convention

Dance Conventions are weekend events where master teachers from across the nation hold classes. Conventions are awesome for young dancers. Not only do they get to meet dancers from other studios, they also get to see great professional dancers, at the top of their field, perform and teach. These master teachers inspire young dancers as well as give them great role models. Dancers will have classes in tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, musical theatre as well as an opportunity to audition for national scholarships to private professional studios. Conventions also include a competition where the master teachers comprise the panel of judges.