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Inspiring creativity, movement and a true love for dance, our range of classes aspire to meet the varied needs and interests of all children aged from 2 to teens.


Our Classes


Available Classes 2020-2021

Twinkle Babies

A 30 minute introductory session, our exclusive Twinkle Babies™ dance class is a unique and valuable foundation in the world of dance. The secret to our class success is the perfect mix of structure and fun.
Combining ballet, tap and creative movement, our tiny dancers learn the primary steps while developing their imitation of movement and ability to follow direction within a positive environment. Key to getting these little dancers inspired to move, the use of engaging music and props such as dancing bears, hula hoops and maracas enable the young dancers to freely release their imagination, creativity and, most of all, have fun!

Ages 2-3


Twinkle Stars

Twinkle Star Dance is an age-specific 45-minute class containing ballet, tap, and jazz/creative movement. The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Dancers also learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles. For example, all dancers will learn what a “plie” is and how to demonstrate one.

The use of fun, age-appropriate music engages the young dancers’ minds and bodies. The use of props such as maracas for the “freeze dance” makes the end of class the most fun!


Ages 3-6


Hip Hop

Hip Hop class provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment.

About Hip Hop

The term “Hip Hop” greatly limits the scope of a typical Hip Hop class.

From R&B and House to Club and Pop, Hip Hop classes utilize upbeat music from various genres, in addition to the latest Hip Hop hits.

The resulting outcome is an energetic class that not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique, but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.

Ages 5 -11



The Ballet I program fosters musicality, body awareness and movement potential in a format that encourages individual artistry. The class explores the elements of dance: Body, Space, Force and Time, through creative exercises that are movement focused rather than story focused. The knowledge gained in these classes prepares the student for the attention to detail required in the study of formal ballet training. Research shows that children who begin training with informed creative movement classes are more successful when placed in a traditional technique class.
Building on the foundation set by Ballet I, barre work exercises become more complex and of a longer duration to train muscle memory and increase flexibility. Special emphasis is placed on the dancer’s ability to connect and link steps for fluid movement, memorize patterns and move through space while maintaining proper alignment. At this level, we encourage the dancer to examine the combinations and plan ahead for self-correction. This level is typically repeated.
In Ballet III, there is a marked developmental leap in both the technical aspects of class and the seriousness with which training is taken by the dancer. This is the age when the young dancer begins to evaluate past experience in dance and question whether or not a career is desirable. Training intensifies to match this period of self-evaluation. All past work is repeated in more complex combinations increasing strength, endurance, stamina and ability to link steps together in a fluid manner. Understanding of motivation, movement goals, imagery and presentation are stressed in order to develop better artistic expression.

Class Ages:
• 5-7
• 8-10
• 9-11



Jazz combines many styles and techniques from ethnic and contemporary dance through to ballet. Rhythm, upon which all dance forms depend, is particularly integral to jazz dance. The first half of our jazz class consists of exercises aimed to stretch and tone muscles and develop support for proper stress-free alignment of the skeletal structure. Using jazz, soul, RnB, ethnic and pop music, jazz classes are a great work-out and a fun way to release tension while attaining body awareness that can be applied to everyday activities.

Ages 5 – 11



Tap is an exciting rhythmic exercise and dance form enjoyed by all ages.
Rooted in African-American History, tap offers a variety of styles and techniques. A fun approach to dance movement, students will experience positive results after a minimum number of classes. The classes cover the basics of tap which lead into advanced combinations which are both great to watch and delightful to hear. Try tap for fun and fitness.

Ages 5 – 11



AcroDance is a genre of dance which seamlessly fuses elements of lyrical gymnastics tricks, balancing, tumbling, and jazz dance. In AcroDance class, children aim to develop body and spatial awareness, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and balance through movement exploration.
Students learn acrobatic tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials and tumbling lines. AcroDance is fun for all!
Class Ages
• 3- 4
• 5- 7

Ages 3 -7



Lyrical class teaches expression that incorporates modern, ballet, improvisation and fun.

Ages 6+