JDM School of Dance

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer professional dance training in all genres of dance. We strive to expose young aspiring dancers to opportunities that will enhance their dance knowledge and training. We will work as mentors to dancers and give them ample opportunities to perform dance as an art form. We will nurture dancers in a positive structured environment.

Our Goal and Purpose

We understand that each child and young adult possesses different learning styles and progresses on different timelines. The JDM faculty is absolutely committed to understanding these differences and nurturing each student regardless of learning style. Additionally, some students are born with certain favorable or ideal physical or anatomical body characteristics, such as turn-out, hyper mobility in joints, musicality, etc. Although these characteristics are certainly a bonus, they do not make an automatic professional dancer. Dancers turn professional when they have learned how to affect an audience emotionally through movement. This is the goal for all of our students, regardless of their long-term dancing goals. We as teachers are here to pass on our enthusiasm for dance to your children and your family. All that we require from the students is a genuine love for dance. All that is required of the parents is trust in our abilities as teachers and support of our vision for your children.