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Shining Stars is a class for students with special needs built to enrich their lives and achieve their full potential.  Our program will introduce basic movement skills, ballet, and jazz with songs and games which foster self-expression.  

Through our Shining Stars program, we will use creative dance to:

  • Build balance & coordination
  • Increase muscle strength & endurance
  • Build flexibility
  • Encourage team work, cooperation, and group skills
  • Develop an awareness of beat, rhythm, and movement to music skills
  • Develop an understanding of musical qualities and the relationship of music to emotion and mood

(Contributions from Anne Vize at Bright Hub Education)

Students with disabilities, when involved in a positive dance program, have shown improvements in the following areas:

  • Eye contact
  • Making/initiating physical contact with others
  • Moving in synchronicity with others
  • Taking direction
  • Respecting personal space
  • Self-expression
  • Physical self-confidence

(Information provided by Karen Peterson, Artistic Director of KPD, a mixed ability dance group)


Kylene Lockey

Kylene’s love and respect for dance started when she was four years old and still continues today. She trained under the direction of Rita Tottenham at Rita Tottenham Studios in Seymour, Connecticut. During her 14 year career there, she was an instructional assistant as well as a member of the performance and competition team. Kylene studied ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and pointe and was able to refine her skills at large scale dance conventions along with her studio (Tremaine, etc.). Kylene and her studio had the honor of being selected to perform at the Magic Kingdom in DisneyWorld as part of a dance initiative sponsored by Disney. The studio also performed at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, the Special Olympics, and countless local festivals and event.

While attending college in Worcester, Massachusetts at the College of the Holy Cross, Kylene broadened her dance knowledge by studying modern dance under the tutelage of Jessica Sayre, a former member of the Nikolais Dance Theatre. She refined her craft and learned choreography from the notable Alvin Ailey and Donald McKayle. During her sophomore year she was chosen to perform in a dance symposium, sponsored by Holy Cross, dancing an excerpt from Donald McKayle’s Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Sociology, Kylene earned her Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration on Severe/Intensive Special Needs from Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. It was after that time that Kylene moved to Texas and began working as a special education teacher in Frisco ISD. Kylene had the esteemed honor of piloting the first Functional Academics class in Frisco ISD, a program that has much success to this day. While in Frisco, she served as an in-home/parent trainer (focusing her work with the autistic community), summer school teacher & director, and special education team leader.

Kylene left education in 2008 to start a family. She currently resides in Carrollton, Texas with her husband David and their three children: Andrew (8), Aidan (6), and Alex (4). She is a very active member of her children’s school community, Prince of Peace in Plano. She is proud that her love of dance has transferred to her daughter who currently studies dance. Kylene is excited to transform her dance career from performer to dance mom and now dance teacher.

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Goal: Cooperation

Objective:  The student will be able to apply principles of cooperation by participating in movement activities in small groups.

We will explore how dancers use movements and shapes as a means of creative expression while working together during a dance.


Goal: Communication

Objective: The student will be able to apply skills of expressive and receptive

communication through guided physical activities.

More specifically, we will focus on 3 tenets of communication used in dance:

  • Identifying emotions (receptive skill)
  • Mirroring emotions (expressive & receptive skill)
  • Following the music (receptive skill)

The dancers will practice expressing emotions through facial expressions and actions while pairing the skills with music.


Goal: Personal expression

Objective: The student will understand the value of personal physical expression.

We will learn how to express ourselves through individual movements while respecting personal space between dancers.


Goal: Interdependence

Objective: The student will experience activities that require them to depend on others emphasizing the principle of interdependence.

Students will be encouraged to explore experiences they can have by themselves vs. those they need others help with.

We will answer questions like:

How do dancers make shapes with their bodies together? How do those shapes create pictures?