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Mommy & Me (18 mos – 2.5 years): Perfect for beginners! This 30 minute class, where mom or dad is an active participant features lots of fun, dance themed activities. While in Mommy & Me, your child will learn how to actively listen to instruction, develop their coordination, music awareness and much more. Each student (along with their parent) will have the opportunity to participate in the recital.

Twinkle Babies (2.5-3 years): A 30 minute intro to ballet, tap and jazz for those who have completed Mommy & Me, or are just starting out. This class focuses on how to actively listen to instruction, develop coordination, open their ears to music and learn basic dance steps. Each student will have the opportunity to participate in our Spring Recital.

Twinkle Stars Program:
45 minute classes for ages 3-6. Classes are divided by age level (3-4), (4-5), and (5-6). With careful instruction and encouraging teachers, Pre-Ballet, Tap and Jazz are offered to our younger students. The children enjoy the variety, and it helps develop self-confidence, coordination, musicality, body awareness, flexibility and strength while preparing them for the training ahead.

Ballet: Students will learn ballet terminology, technique, and execution of classical ballet dance. Strength, stamina, poise, and presence will be taught and developed.

Tap: This class will place an emphasis on rhythm, coordination, and musicality. Tap technique and articulation is developed and refined in all of our Tap classes.

Jazz: Students are taught Jazz steps, isolation’s, turns, leaps, and combinations with an emphasis on proper technique.

Hip Hop: Our instructors will teach cutting edge dance moves while developing rhythm and coordination.

Contemporary (ages 8+): Technique and interpretive styles are taught by our highly trained instructors and used to emotionally interpret music and lyrics with movement.